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              Exotic Pet Veterinary Care

              Welcome to Stahl Exotic Animal Veterinary Services!

              COVID-19 – SEAVS Appointment Protocol:

              We are now booking healthy check ups into the schedule.? We have a huge backlog of healthy check-ups to accommodate.? Please understand that it may take some time to get an appointment.? The doctors will still be seeing sick patients throughout the day. We will still see curbside pick up appointments ONLY.

              Observation services are still available with conditions stated below.?


              SEAVS HOURS STARTING 07/20/2020

              M-F 8AM-8PM

              Saturday 8AM-4PM


              To limit the spread of COVID-19, please follow the guidelines stated below when visiting our practice.? The health and safety of our clients and their animal companions, as well as the SEAVS team members, is always our top priority.

              Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

              Please call 703-281-3750 with any additional questions.

              Guidelines to bring a patient to SEAVS:

              • Remain in your car and call us to retrieve your pet.


              • Prior to your appointment, please ensure that you have called in to complete your registration/file information


              • When you arrive for your appointment,?contact our office at?703-281-3750?to alert our team that you have arrived and the type/color of car you are in.? If you are sent to voicemail, please hang up and call back – do not leave a message.? All clients are to remain in their vehicle and our staff will retrieve the pet for the appointment.


              • We ask you to remain on-site, in your vehicle, during your pet’s appointment so you are immediately available should we have any questions.? This will also allow us to? return your pet as quickly as possible to reduce stress.


              • If any additional information is needed prior to performing our exam/diagnostics, or any additional tests are needed beyond the examination, the doctor will call to discuss.


              • Once the pet has been fully evaluated, the doctor will contact you via phone to go over their findings, recommendations and to answer any questions you may have.


              • Your call will then be transferred to a receptionist that will collect payment via credit card over the phone. We will only be accepting credit card payment(No cash or check) at this time. You can pay with a visa gift card or apply for Care Credit or Scratchpay if you do not have a credit card or if you need assistance with payment.


              • For prescription pick up:?Pay ahead for curbside pick up or we can mail your prescription.


              • For surgery/observation pick up: Pay ahead and we will bring the pet out to your car.


              • Observation – Special diets that accompany the pet must be in a wipeable plastic container or a zip lock bag.? We will not accept any personal items/beds/blankets/toys at this time

              A full service veterinary facility promoting the health and wellness of all exotic species of birds, small exotic mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. We are the only veterinary medical facility in the DMV area serving an exclusively avian and exotic clientele. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to the primary care of avian and exotic companion animals and to clients in need of a facility that caters to the unique needs of these special family members.

              If you have any?questions about your pet or would like to?make an appointment, give us a call!

              Request an appointment with our online appointment scheduler.
              Click here if you have an emergency.

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              Located just 30 minutes west of DC in Fairfax, Virginia…?Come visit us!

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